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We are proud to offer the first ever yoga and financial literacy learning to kids and youth. Our programs use a holistic approach, and wellness-based tools to support kids from kindergarten age 4 to teens. Our objective is to teach life-long learning, with a focus on mental/physical health and wealth through an integrated yoga and financial literacy lens. We incorporate movement and breath with a combination of storytelling, play, creation and exploration. 


Our mission is to provide a solid financial education to the next generation by incorporating decision-making and relaxation techniques-skills not addressed by the typical school curriculum. 

We are happy to offer one-on-one training experience to our kids programs.  We know that each child learns at a different capacity and time.  When they are receiving our full attention, they are more likely to discover their own talents and hidden skill sets quicker than in a group setting. Each child will get a 15-minute complimentary meet & greet to assess their individual needs.


For kids aged 4-6, their individual sessions are 30-minutes in length, and kids aged 7 or older are 45-minutes in length, with both classes consisting of two parts:

1. A minimum of 20-minutes of yoga.

2. Each child is encouraged to collectively, or individually put their creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills on paper by completing a TOGI financial literacy activity sheet.  

At the end of the course, your child will receive a TOGI Kids gift set valued at approximately $50!

How It Works:

Why TOGI Kids?

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