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Together Our Greatness Illuminates.

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Our Vision

TOGI Wellness is about offering you the tools to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We aim to assist you in empowering yourself, and in turn others.


Our belief is: one size does not fit all.  Our classes are individually designed for a one-on-one (in-person or virtual) training experience catered to your needs.


We invite you, your family, and friends into our studio for a personalized group session.

Our boutique studio is located in beautiful Richmond Hill.

Children in Yoga Class
One-on-One Yoga & Financial Literacy Program
Upward Facing Dog
TOGI Professional
Personalized Yoga Classes Catered to You
Yoga Group
TOGI Group
Customized Yoga for Events, Occasions and Corporate.
TOGI Wellness has transformed my relationship between my body and mind. Thanks to the kind, compassionate and knowledgeable tools of yoga that Tam brings in each practice,  I now embrace possibilities instead of focusing on limitations. As a direct result, I have experienced physical improvements, happier moods and more calm.  Tam exemplifies excellent service, very welcoming and professional. I always look forward to our sessions.  I have been working with her 3 plus years now, and highly recommend anyone, who is looking to improve their wellness lifestyle to do classes with Tam.

S.Goodman FCPA, FCA, ICD.D

Professional Chartered Accountant

Goodman Mintz,LLP

Tam is an amazing instructor and knows how to help heal your body.  Her classes are designed very specific for each person and I always feel energized after each session.  I highly encourage you to book with Tam.  If you feel overwhelmed and busy, no worries, she will make it work for you.


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